Thursday, November 15, 2007

Munich Picks

Well not quite totally impossible, there are some shops believe me. Hidden but existing.
Let me draw a short resume: Munich isn't the best and most exciting shopping city as you probably all know, well unless you aren't another boring millionaire only buying LV, Armani, Chanel etc.

Let me first introduce you to the
second hand area. It's located in Schwabing, a part of Munich where a lot of students are domiciled, not particularly remarkable thus the University is right around the corner. If you are more into new stuff check out COS (H&Ms new "posh" label) at Marienplatz in the center of the city, right beside the city hall. They got really nice things. Oh I almost forgot, Maximilianstrasse isn't that bad any longer, there're actually two nice shops. On the one hand Filippa K hidden in a little alley by the main street. Wonderful shop and gentle staff. On the other hand a cool boutique called serie a, situated on Hildesgardstrasse 2 (parallel street of Maximilianstr.). They have brands such as APC, Vanessa Bruno, Y's, Acne, Margiela and so on. Presumably the best shop in Munich. Then there is Stierblut located on Sendlingerstr. 35 and 37. They have little good stuff but also a lot of trash. So it's important to "read between the lines" and go through every tiny corner to make a real bargain! And finally there is Gärtnerplatz an area of Munich that can be compared to Berlin. I know it's so obvious nowadays but we all need a little bit of Berlin no matter in which part of the world we find ourselves. May it be Sthlm, London or even Munich. However, this Gärtnerplatz area has some enjoyable little shops and also a lot of good bars, restaurants and cafes. Even a wonderful gay district for all you gays out there!

Believe it or not, Munich isn't so bad at all, at least for one or two days! Not longer...

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