Sunday, November 30, 2008


Model Lucien Thomkins

Sunday is washing day. Nice fresh sheets and underwear with the little extra dose of fabric softener. Smell if you can.

Jil Evangelista

When 2 obsessions become 1 it's heaven for little Horsti.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Gimme #05

I already have a He-Man wall of fame but Skeletor is still missing. And i need the evil one! His whole army of mutants is waiting for him. Find him and get him for me!

Gimme #04

This is not only design, this is an art piece. So if you have it somewhere in your cellar, don't throw it away. I have a nice warm place for it. And many nice 90s records waiting to be touched by the stylish white needle.

Gimme #03

This stool by Alvar Aalto makes me feel warm cause it reminds me of a dear friend. I'm still in love with his white-tiled apartment and the super nice salad he made for me. Thanks again.

Gimme #02

The wishlist continues. For those of you who want to hug me, I'm sure you want me to smell good. So gimme gimme gimme.

Gimme #01

White on white. I like. I need it in size 14 by the way. With coloured horse please.
Thanks in advance.

Kitten Love III



Photos William Gentle

These photographs are not only beautiful, they also remind me that it's ime to cut my hair. I guess I will cut the sides really short again. £6 in London. And then I'm ready for a shooting.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Germany Sells

Jaja, we all know the best things come from Germany: Schnitzel, Horst and Claudia Schiffer. It's the homeland of Bad Taste. But to this high degree that it transforms into sophistication.

What The F***

What is this? A crab tanned space invader? A buffalo centaur, shrouded in ancient legends? A super gay alien? A motor mechanic coming for rescue in the desert? Anyway, it's great!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Me, Myself And I

Self-Portrait, 2004



Jan Iú Més Spring/Summer 2009

A collection that sums up the future in menswear preeminently: black, shorts, sheer and... lace! We're not talking 'bout everyday Horst here but a directional way of dressing.

Like A Prayer

Photos Sebastian Faena

I like the severe look of a nun's habit. The black/white contrast, the architectural shape, the negation of the female body. And when you hide something you cause curiosity. Satisfied?

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Blue Print

Ute Ploier Spring/Summer 2009

I want the Jil Sander triangle zipper shirt, and now I also want the Ute Ploier triangle blue print shirt. Gimme more, gimme more.

On The Street

Photographs Amy Arbus

I love love love this book. Guys in backless tops, women in masculine suits, leopard fur coat ladies. All the street hunters out there, you will never reach this level, I am sorry. And it's not your fault, the decade between the 1980s and 90s was just unique. But maybe we can bring it back?

Monday, November 24, 2008

She's Yours

Filippa is Swedish-French. She was born on December 3, 1985 in Paris and raised in Biarritz, France. She was discovered age 15 on the streets of Paris by French photographer Marc Hispard. She secured her first major advertising campaign at age 16 with Ralph Lauren. Now you know.


Paintings Kris Knight

All of his figures look a bit drunk or at least freezing: The pale skin, the red eyes and noses. But they also have in common a strong romantic feeling. A fairytale like bound. They seem to be confused and sad which makes their appearance extremely sexy.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Kitten Love II

Top Kate Moss by Jürgen Teller
Middle Magdalena Frackowiak by Sebastian Faena
Bottom Azzedine Alaïa leopard divas

Yes I am.