Saturday, December 31, 2011

La Fin

1. Comme des Garçons Spring/Summer 2012
2. Maison Martin Margiela Spring/Summer 2005

If we were celebrating New Year's together tonight, I'd be wearing this outfit for you. Happy new year to everyone. May all your wishes be fulfilled. Leave me your desires for 2012 below.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Best Of Rick Owens

Rick Owens Fall/Winter 2002 - Spring/Summer 2012

Serene creatures and mythological connotations. Throughout the seasons, familiar themes and shapes re-appear: ethereal nuns striding along in asymmetric stiff layers accompanied by fog and dark industrial techno beats. During the years, the influences of minimalism evolved into more and more brutal and static silhouettes, marked by the hourglass waist and extended rounded shoulders. In the meanwhile, men transform from butch homeboys to asexual beings.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

When Did We Forget About Black Minimalism III

1. Margaret Howell Clash Magazine editorial
2. Michael Landy Fresh Hell

I always loved the horizontal fragmentation of the human corpus. Neck, chest, waist and arms, all divided into separate structured parts. A black turtleneck, a belted waist, a pulled-up sleeve.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

When Did We Forget About Black Minimalism II

1. Jil Sander Fall/Winter 2007
2. Daniel Turner Untitled 5150

Besides its soothing quality, black material appeals due to its manifold fetishistic dimensions. Black leather, black vinyl. The artist, the teacher and the architect. Altogether chased by their sexual instinct and intentions. Myself included.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

When Did We Forget About Black Minimalism

1. Helmut Lang Spring/Summer 2004
2. Ecole Floating Staircase

When I look up, facing my vis-à-vis, and the person is dressed in black my eyes can rest. I can fully focus and concentrate on the spoken word. Black minimalism gives us comfort, easiness and freedom. We should do it more often.

Sunday, December 25, 2011


1. Raf Simons Fall/Winter 2001, Prada Fall/Winter 2011 & Raf Simons Spring/Summer 2002
2. Jil Sander Fall/Winter 2011 & Gucci Spring/Summer 1995
3. Raf Simons Spring/Summer 2002
4. Jil Sander Fall/Winter 2011 & Alex Katz The Blue Umbrella
4. Rick Owens Fall/Winter 2005 & Jean Paul Gaultier Spring/Summer 1990

I've kept it to myself for quite a while now, but the psychological pressure got too intense. I cannot deny nor hold it back any longer. The hood is back. Floral paisley for her, apocalyptic protection for him.