Sunday, December 9, 2007

Flea market vibes

Last weekend I was stylehunting at a flewmarket and made two "precious" catches.

Style 1 Layering: XXXL nylon plastic-boombastic ski jacket meets 80s denim vest, fleece jacket and (comparatively classic) shirt.By the way have you recognized "Käptain Blaubär" (Captain Bluebear) in the front?

Style 2.1 Tiger Lilly: Oh my gosh! Imitate snake skin leggings plus leopard print handbag and matching headband.

Style 2.2 The Man in Blue: The oh-so-famous fleece jacket (please pay attention to his wife who wears exactly the same model... but in red... maybe the most favorite dressing style amongst the species of tasteless German). Not to forget the shoes (if one can call that "shoes"), the 3/4 pants and socks. Yes, it's true. That's reality! Ok, but one thing I have to confess: the blue-checkered shopping trolley is great!

Bonus Style: And when you zoom into the picture, you can also discover the infamous Military Lady!!! Uahhh!


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