Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Short History Of The Plastic Raincoat In Popular Culture II

1. Abbey Lee Kershaw, i-D Spring 2010
2. Patrik Ervell Fall/Winter 2010
3. Richard Nicoll Fall/Winter 2009 & Comme Comme Spring/Summer 2011
5. American Psycho, 2000
6. Lady Gaga, Vanity Fair 2010
7. Scarlet Street (1945), Follow Me Quietly (1949), Miss Sadie Thompson (1953)
8. Helmut Lang Spring/Summer 2003 & Spring/Summer 2005

Don't ask me why but I am still researching, archiving and assembling reference images picturing the use of clear plastic in fashion. One might call it obsession, I'd like to see it more as a tribute to an underexposed brilliancy.

P.S.: The original plastic raincoat from Blade Runner sold for $1,600.00 on ebay.

Image credits Catwalking, Jak & Jil,

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