Monday, March 19, 2012

Art Department: Luis Perez Jauregui

Artworks Luis Perez Jauregui

Luis Perez Jauregui creates character transformations. Consequently, the artist's self-portrait becomes an anti-self-portrait. Still, his body of work comprises a multiplicity of his very own, characteristic personae. I asked him to create a piece for the Art Department series.

He concludes: 'In my opinion, the aesthetic of Lynn & Horst is very clean and minimal, with a dark provocative side to it, so I wanted to create a character that best represented that. The harness is something I made myself specially for this character. It was inspired by the art of S&M and rope bondage. Instead of rope though, I used a strand of metallic beads to transform an otherwise simple harness into something more modern.'

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