Monday, October 15, 2007

Girls On Bikes & Other Sexy Things

I've been observing the streets for a long time. Lately, I have a certain impression: bikes are the next big thing.

It seems that every clever girl with style and attitude has discovered its great potential: A sexy accessory, a faithfull and silent partner. These two ladys know how to cycle a pose:

And this cyclist lady strikes due to her company. There were times when you took your dog for a walk by bike - now it's your husband who needs to get rid of his beer belly:

So maybe it's better for the bike and the observer when it's pure and rid of any ballast. Just leaning against a wall and looking good:

But when a subculture trend becomes mainstream (what seems to happen right now), it's time for an alternative. This would be my proposal:

Jacket Acne
T-Shirt Acne
Jeans Cheap Monday
Shoes Converse

So let's troll!

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