Tuesday, October 9, 2007

HorSTYLE Lesson No5

Today our inspiration is white. The new black. The color rediscovered for this seasons oh so freezy winter. Also in focus: the contrasts between its beautiful shades. White and off-white. White and mud. White and yellowed.
Add a little "calculating" and a breeze of "fresh air" (good design is so fashionable) and you're perfectly done.

Trousers Topman
Shirt Dior Homme
Sweater Dries van Noten
Shoes Topman
Calculator Plus Minus Zero

Jeans Acne
Cashmere jumper Yves Saint Laurent
Leather jacket Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair
Gloves Filippa K
Shoes Made By Elves
Humidifier Plus Minus Zero

And now, call a cab...

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