Thursday, May 29, 2008

9th Girls Street

#1 The ultimate look of the century (The Sartorialist)

#2 Sin with shoulder pads (Facehunter)
#3 Marine Gladiator (Facehunter)

#4 Leggings baby! (Stockholm Street Style)
#5 My shy deer (Garance Doré)

#6 Short hair, waving scarf (Facehunter)
#7 Hold on tights (Manchester Looks)
#8 Blonde beauty (YouCatwalk)
#9 Is it you Björk? (glamcanyon)

I want to sit on a park bench watching those pretty girls passing by. I wanna live in a city where girls prefer to wear oversized men's jackets, shoulder pads, red lipstick and boyish haircuts. What a wonderful style utopia.

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