Saturday, May 10, 2008

Cologne Picks

Best Shop
Mauritiuswall 76-78

Bruno Pieters, Veronique Branquinho, Hussein Chalayan. The owners of Heimat also created the fashion fanzine Mode Depesche winning the Lead-Award 2008 for best fashion photography.

Best Interior Design
Ehrenstraße 33-35

The composition of furniture feels overly consequent, effortlessly merging decades and stylistics. Only beaten by the smell of freshly set wooden floor.

Best Selection
Antwerpenerstr. 13

Gold offers Scandinavian designer brands like S.N.S., Wood Wood, Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair, Vibskov or Whyred. One of our favourites. Always synchronized with the contemporary zeitgeist.

Best Second Hand
Vintage & Rags
Hohenzollernring 47

Unfortunately California Vintage closed its doors, but second hand lovers can still discover nice pieces at Vintage & Rags where I lately found a nice blouson.

Best Cupcakes
Törtchen Törtchen
Alte Wallgasse 2a

For gourmets there's this little, tiny, pink patisserie that offers extremely sexy cakes in a dazzling array.

Best Ice Cream
Pfeilstr. 2

The most delicious ice cream is sold at this charming, authentically retro parlor near Rudolfplatz. Our recommendation and favourite flavour: coffee crunch.

Best Schnitzel
Oma Kleinmann
Zülpicher Str. 9

The best Schnitzel in town is served at Oma Kleinmann. A Lynn & Horst must. No further instructions needed.

Best Café
Café Wahlen

If you like to enjoy an afternoon tea in a truly old-fashioned and cozy interior, sitting in armchairs and watching senior citizens, the place to be is Café Wahlen. The retro inspired little coffee house Café Franck is also a must.


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