Saturday, January 24, 2009

Berlin Picks

Next week: Berlin Fashion Week. So if you got time for a little city stroll, Lynn & Horst recommend you the following spots. Proven and reliable. And don't forget to eat a cheap sausage on the streets!

Rosa-Luxemburg Straße 22

The shop interior is a mixture between modern showroom and cozy hunting lodge. But what can you hunt there? Well, men's underwear. One can never have enough. Only the best for your balls.

Mulackstraße 38

The German ambassadors of art fashion. Fabulous objects with a touch of weirdness: Cable jewellery, wooden watches, wig brushes. Always worth a closer look and definitely putting a smile on your face.

Made in Berlin
Neue Schönhauser Str. 19

Here we found Lynn's beautiful Findig shoes. I guess by now they are her best friends and follow her everywhere. I don't really know if I ever bought something there, but it's always fun to dress up in 80s shorts and Tiroler hat.

California Select
Alte Schoenhauser Strasse 41

The American Apparel version of a second hand boutique. And I have to confess they have the good stuff: girl's overalls, Ralph Lauren shirts, rare magazines, worn oversized t-shirts. A bitter pill are the prices though.

Paul's Boutique
Oderberger Str. 45-47

Robot toys, sneakers and vintage designer clothes. You'll get it all. And best of all: You can haggle. One tiny little thing I expect when I want to shop second hand. Recently I found some amazing black leather shows with a golden inscription saying 'Gallus' - also the name of the Frankfurt ghetto.

Bonanza Coffee Heroes
Oderberger Str. 35

A super nice interior with trashy plastic canes, fake flowers, industrial lamps and rough walls. The perfect place to start the day with a beautifully decorated coffee and a chocolate croissant.

Flohmarkt Arkonaplatz

Small and nice, this flea market only offers the creme de la creme. Nice records from Amanda Lear, plimsole shoes for 1 Euro, big advertising sign letters, necklace charms. And once, I also found 20 Euros in a pair of shoes I bought. Definitely a good catch!

Anklamer Straße 27

For a Bavarian breakfast in Berlin, you have to go to Weltempfänger. Free WLAN and maybe the best breakfast in town, close to the Sunday flea markets and shopping spots at Oderberger Straße.

Rochstrasse 4

Besides the own line, WoodWood offers outrageous pieces by Henrik Vibskov, Commes des Garçons or Cheap Monday. As well as a selection of magazines, toys and beauty products. Even though it is very sportswear focused, you can definitely find one or two nice pieces for your closet.

Memhard Str. 8

I will never forget the amazing Rick Owens leather waistcoat I once tried and instantly fell in love with. Unfortunately, they didn't sell it to me for the price I proposed. Anyway, the place is truly exceptional. You enter a totally empty white space and a little staircase leads you downstairs to the black heart of the shop.

Tortstr. 116

Marios, Ann Hagen, Acne Jeans, Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair, Won Hundred and likes can be found in extrafein, located at Torstraße. At weekends you usually get free drinks and snacks. Check their basement for bargains, and get yourself one of their smiley tote bags.

Temporary Showroom
Kastanienallee 36

Here I found all the old issues of BUTT for my toilet collection. They also carry German and Scandinavian brands like Odeur, Pulver, qed and Reality Studio. For both men and women.

Pro qm
Almstadtstraße 48-50

Magazines, magazines, magazines. Everyone knows I am addicted. So I always have to browse through their shelves. Nowhere else you'll find trashy sex fanzines and glossy high-fashion magazines side by side.

Dr. Pong
Eberswalder Straße 21

The smell of spilled beer, cigarette smoke, and the sound of ping pong - At Dr. Pong you are instantly thrown back to good old school excursion days. Very dirty and rough and fun. Our beloved Charly Angel almost made it to the finals.

Picture credits berlin.unlike.

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