Monday, January 12, 2009


Sweetness from Maj, formerly know as The Fur Lady.

Iris and her love sending love.

True love, cause Lea loves...

A boy named J.

Jessy - sick and beautiful.

What's your name, cutie?

Ingrid's face is heartshaped and she is happy.

A loveletter from Claude for Horst.

Sven in some storage room? A guy you can rely on.

Ignacio is wearing his heart on his feet.

Lila love for Horst.

Camilo is getting wet.

Love from Frankfurt to Frankfurt.

He makes it work.

Red nails and a kiss by Kristina.

Cherry lips are tr├Ęspluscool.

Mary's love is handmade.

Julia, sweet like cinnamon sugar.

Isabelle is <3.

Kathrin loves Word Art.

More than this, LOVE by lovely Mette.

Ngoc hearts L&H, we heart Ngoc.

With love from Montreal.

Paul is shy.

Ray's heartdrop.

La Petite sends her love.

Zana says: xooxoxoxoxxxxxx.

And hrbrt is a heart himself.

We love you and your creativity. Honestly, we were wowed by your heart contributions. More than we ever expected. We feel honoured and proud to have such beautiful readers. So this song is for you.

Bjork - All Is Full Of Love


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